Prada’s latest line of bag techniques is absolutely adorable

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You guys, it’s Friday. may I repeat for everybody who’s glazed over in front of the computer at work: IT’S FRIDAY. So it’s time to have some fun, ok? Today, I’d like to do that with these pictures from our good friends at of the latest as well as biggest Prada Tricks, which is what the business phone calls its absolutely adorable bag charms, which are commonly ursine (Fancy word for bear-like, y’all. Haven’t utilized that a person since the SATs.) in nature.

Fashionista scanned these pictures out of the new Prada gifts lookbook, which is why they’re a tad wonky, however these bit guys as well as gals are totally remarkable nonetheless. From a thinly veiled handle Axl increased to bears dressed as crystal-studded robots, these are the type of whimsical, silly bit things that I really would hang from my bag with a excellent offer of joy. Fashionista estimates that they’ll expense around $150, as well as we’ll update you when they ended up being available. inspect out the rest of the techniques in the gallery after the jump.

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