Kelly Osbourne’s Fendi Spy

might it be that the entire Osbourne household played clean up?? I still keep in mind seeing both Jack as well as Kelly far from desirable as well as now they both have lost weight as well as cleaned up their acts. I see matching outfits, ‘normal’ hair colors, as well as a sense of style as well as fashion. Wow, I believe Kelly has an edge on me ideal now as well as that is just sad. I much better go shop (yep I just provided myself a reason to!). Kelly Osbourne was seen looking trendy with a lovely Fendi Spy Bag that I have yet to see. Kelly nabbed a lovely metallic Spy that is so teasing as well as fun- lucky gal. inspect out a few of the other Fendi Bags by means of eLuxury (not this specific one).

(Thanks likeafeather77!)

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