Fall 2016: exclusive Peek

As the new summer merchandising assistant for Brynn Capella, I got an exclusive look into what it takes to get the best shot. let me say first that nothing could have prepared me for the reality of the hard work and time it takes to get as some would say the “money” shot. but a best shot cannot be completed without a few bumps in the road.

As the day started, we were faced with the first obstacle, one of the models wasn’t feeling very well. crossing our fingers, we moved the shoot back and hoped for the best. lucky for us, she rallied but that left us delayed a few hours in the original plan. Brynn, being the professional she was, knew how to make it work and persevered on.

Arriving in Humboldt Park, ready to shoot, the wind was so powerful that it knocked over our rolling rack full of all our outfits and handbags. everything that was once organized was now a little bit of a mess. but this is Chicago, so this was not unexpected. but you’d think by mid-May we wouldn’t have such fall like weather, which actually worked in our favor, some of the time!

Between shots, the chaos was indescribable. clothes being thrown around, rushing to each location, making sure each model had the right outfit with the ideal bag was not as basic as it seemed. Throughout the photoshoot, I grew to notice that Brynn is very involved in each shot; she doesn’t just sit back and let her photographer do all the work. Her level of enthusiasm and positive attitude kept the shoot fun yet professional.

True to her brand identity, Brynn has a particular eye for the little details in each shot to convey who she is as a designer. She spends hours styling the shoot for the season, the color, trends, etc. So often the model looked gorgeous, but the bag was at a bad angle! considering that we are selling handbags, not the clothes, it has to be stuffed just ideal and in the best light, for it to make the grade. enjoying Brynn work her magic with the photographer made every part of the day worth it in the end.

If you want another look on how we styled and prepared for the photo shoot, click here.

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