Father’s Day gift Idea: Jack Spade Rubberized Cotton pipe messenger Bag

first of all, I hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. Mine was filled with my three favorite F’s: family, fun and food. We didn’t do anything too over the top, but we had a terrific time nonetheless. While I was catching some rays in the pool, I glanced over and saw my father fire up the grill. As he did that, I remembered that Father’s Day was best around the corner. and as soon as I thought that, a small moment of panic set in. I don’t know about you, but I always struggle a bit when it concerns Father’s Day gifts; I just don’t know what to get my Dad. I was also pretty sure some of you might feel the same way, so let’s see if we can find a few options this month.

My father isn’t the messenger bag kind of Dad, but when I came across the Jack Spade Rubberized Cotton pipe messenger Bag, I thought, there are plenty of men (Dads or not) who might love this bag. If you are thinking this bag is a little too young for a Father’s Day gift, I might actually agree with you. However, if the bag is for a young Dad, you are good to go. Otherwise, this could be terrific for a college student or someone young in the work force. The bag is densely woven, rubberized cotton canvas which implies it will be able to remain in tact no matter how much wear and tear its owner puts it through. The take on strap is adjustable with a strap up to 58″ long. like any good messenger bag, there are plenty of pockets to choose from as well as bright red lining. It’s a terrific bag for a special man in your life. purchase through Saks for $245.

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