What Is value In Your Eyes?

If you were to look at a bag from Brynn Capella and one from Marc Jacobs, do you ever wonder “why are these priced the same? One is a brand name and one isn’t.” Yes, believe it or not but we hear that (in hushed whispers many of the time, not out loud). but the one that isn’t a brand name at the same cost many of the time can actually be a higher quality. now we aren’t saying we are better than Marc Jacobs, but our actual value that is another story.

Let me explain.

So this is our question for you consumers: what is value to you? Is it the brand name plastered on the front of your item? The materials the item was put together with? If the item was manufactured ethically? Made in the USA? What are the bags being made out of? A lot of the times, no, at least not into too much detail. It’s all about what we associate “value” to be.

Of course, I am not here to lecture you on not purchasing brand names, but I do want to create much more awareness about what value can actually mean, especially when we are talking solely about the item itself. My last blog I talked about how Calvin Klein got started from scratch. I wonder who supported his non-name brand line in the beginning? 

So the next time you see a high quality product, look past the name and look at what you are paying for.

Sometimes, I am guilty of being consumed and fascinated by the name brands (as we all are) but because becoming a member of the Brynn Capella team, I’ve had a breath of fresh air. We, typically, don’t see the inner workings of these small businesses, how much work goes into everything, the effort that goes into making a quality product. It’s something that has made me sit back and wonder about bigger franchises, and I think you ought to as well.



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