Embrace Your Wild Side – styling animal prints

Our Janey clutches in exotic croc leather.

Let’s talk animal prints, baby! We are so excited to see these fun prints making their rounds once again in fashion. You know what they say- every trend always comes back.

If you already own one of our exotic leather bags, you’re ahead of the game. Don’t have an exotic bag? No worries, you can style any of our bags with a printed outfit. It’s time to bust out the cheetah, leopard, snake, croc, and zebra! let us help you take your style to next level fierce.

So, how do you style an animal print without feeling a little too on the wild side? We’ve got some terrific tips and tricks… and, some fun new printed holiday bags on the way, too!

In 2019, we’re wearing animal print as if it were our favorite neutral. instead of a basic black skirt, go for a cheetah print! We even love to mix and match different prints.

1. Boost your staple 9-5 outfits by pairing an animal-print skirt with a color-blocked sweater or a classic jacket. Or, simply grab a pair of printed shoes or handbag! Anything to give you that extra “pop.”

2. Don’t be afraid to mix and match – the most “now” way to wear pattern is to layer up and clash. Yes, we said it, clash!

3. Whatever you wear, work it from head to toe. confidence is always the best accessory… well, maybe not the best. Your Brynn bag is probably better.

4. We love the look of blended textures. For instance, pairing the smooth leather of a “moto” jacket with a more raised croc handbag like our Janey.

5. Find your style inspo- in the age of the internet, there’s always a way to find styling cues! Here’s some of our favorites:

Here’s Elizabeth von der Goltz- think of this paired with the black croc Janey pictured above! So elegant and totally 2019.

Full disclosure: we totally photoshopped our Merlot Jenne crossbody onto this stunning snakeskin dress! but come on, how cute does it look?

Here’s an example of mixing prints. This outfit would be terrific with our River rock Nikki!

Here we mixed our Heather clutch with this “desk to drinks” look! notice how we mixed two different snake prints on the shoes and bag?


Wherever the animal print trend takes you, we want to see! tag us in your photos on instagram (@brynncapellahandbags) with your Brynn bag- we love to feature our customers!

Drumroll please… Here’s a sneak peek OF holiday 2019 COLLECTION- Coming soon!

We are excited to introduce new exotic leathers into our collection- Lizard, Boa, Eel, and Glitter! We are also bringing in some fun Hair on hide in both Cheetah and Black and White! We are so happy to give you more animal print options to play with in your wardrobe. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter and follow our socials to be the first to know when they launch!

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