Even if You Aren’t a part of corporate America, You deserve to bring this Miu Miu Bag

sweet mother of the work force! I think I’ve died as well as gone to heaven. I absolutely must get my hands on this Miu Miu bag. Ok, I am getting ahead of myself, so excuse me while I calm down for a quick second.

There, I’m much better now.

Before I was a blogger, I was a part of the corporate world (well sort of). I remember living in DC, riding the metro (DC’s version of the subway) to work as well as noticing all of the bags both men as well as women carried to work. I didn’t have anything too fancy as well as never really went out of my way to find something fancy. However, I literally came to a total stop when I came across this Miu Miu Deerskin leather tote – it is beyond fabulous.

Now, if you don’t find yourself waking up everyday as well as schlepping to an office, fear not, this bag can come in handy for several other occasions. more than anything, this bag exudes luxury. Black deerskin leather is adorned with gold-tone hardware. There is a fold-over flap at the front of the bag, twist-lock fastening as well as stud as well as buckle embellishments along the sides. open this fabulous bag as well as you will find taupe suede lining. This bag is elegant, versatile as well as timeless. In typical Miu-Miu fashion you will have to shell out a pretty penny for it, however it is worth it. I don’t know about you, however I’m in love. purchase through Net-a-Porter for $1650.

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