Behind the Scenes: Instagram edition

In today’s social network consumed climate, catching photo best moments is a lot more intense than ever. a lot more of us are starting to comprehend exactly how best angles as well as illumination can truly transform a photo from camera-roll to IG worthy. one of my functions at Brynn Capella is assisting with social network content, as well as every week we try to produce new material for Instagram as well as Facebook. Behind every publish is a special story, let’s revisit a few of my favorites.

In October, Eliana as well as I were in Ravenswood intending to discover some Halloween motivation for photos. So, we strolled into a grocery store to inspect out what their seasonal aisle might offer. As we were heading out empty-handed, Eliana’s deal with lit up as well as I understood she just had a vision. before long, we were in the create section as well as she was very carefully posing the Angi satchel as well as my hands. The end result was this photo, which screams autumn as well as added bright colors in our IG feed.

On busier days we don’t always have time to leave the office, so making utilize of products around us is key. You’d be shocked exactly how furniture, clothing, as well as accessories can all integrate to make a special image. You understand that a person chair in your living space or bedroom that you end up stacking all your most-reached for products on? turns out it makes for a picture full of structures as well as patterns!


It’s simple to overthink as well as drive yourself crazy trying to get that best Instagram feed. For us, our greatest concern is integrating a range of colors as well as styles of bags into our pictures while making sure there is cohesiveness among every post. We’re loving exactly how our Instagram is looking lately – full of autumn colors, lovely bags, as well as special memories.

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