New Year, new Goals, new products

Wow it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. Sorry about that. We’ve been hectic planning out 2020, with new ideas, new lines as well as new products. Although we are super excited about them, they take time. In the meantime, we have some big discount rates on retired items. So if you’ve been looking for a take of a deal, now’s the time!

First thing on the program for 2020 are straps, straps as well as more straps.

We recognize that the straps are generally the very first part of the bag to show wear as well as tear. So we believed it would be fantastic for you to be able to buy a new strap for your bag to prolong the life of the bag. Also, you will be able to buy thicker straps as well or a fun free color strap. however I am most excited about making some fun printed “guitar” straps! as well as what we mean by “guitar” straps are ones with a ribbon or webbing stitched onto the leather in fun prints like floral, geometric, skulls, words, stripes as well as more prints.

Would like to understand what you believe about these or if there’s one you would like to see us make. We’d only make them in a crossbody length at least at first. As we narrow down our leather color options, we will try to have straps offered individually online. In the meantime, we may begin out as made to order. working out the details now.

More new products as well as more updates.

The next up is a new coin bag/mini wallet for women as well as a super simplified one for men. Wee are still working out the details on a new belt bag, the updated Edie Tote, the Men’s messenger bag as well as even one more Cher update. There are surveys on our Facebook group page, so please join the conversation there.

Thanks for being a part of my journey!

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