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Throughout my life I’ve always noticed people, particularly women, bring around these large, bulky wallets with them everywhere they go. Life is already so complicated, why cause even more stress by bring around something that’s weighing you down?

That’s part of the concept behind why Brynn decided to style these new Daye mini wallets. If you’re believing you have method as well many cards, trust me, cleaning out your wallet to ensure that it only includes the fundamentals is worth it. most stores with benefits cards these days enable you to look up your account by phone number anyway, so digging with that mess for 5 minutes isn’t worth it.

The other fantastic thing about these is that they are unisex as well as can be utilized as a wallet, business card holder or whatever else you may requirement it for! It’s so slim as well as compact that it fits in the back of your pocket or in little bags easily. The colors variety from neutral to more bright as well as poppy, so there is a color for everyone. You can likewise pair your wallet with our recently improved key fobs! perfect for everybody as well. The colors vary however the key function of them is that they in shape in your hand as well as you might connect your secrets on either side so if you’re doing valet you can quickly take off one set however keep all your other keys/items with you. Less mess = less stress. 

Another reason behind producing these wallets was that it would reduce the amount of squander we’re putting out into the world. If we might just utilize the leftover leather from our purses as well as turn them into something practical as well as simple, why wouldn’t we. Being more sustainable is extremely important nowadays as well as so we want to do our part.

We plan to have them on the internet soon, however in the meantime you can come shop them in person at one of our upcoming events.

One of a Kind Show-April 29-30 as well as may 1

Wells street Art Festival- June 11-12

Also now sold at Hazel Boutique.

For more information,  click here.

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