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I feel like it is so common to hear how people are contributing to helping the planet, but often we just don’t have the time to really think about how we ourselves can help. now with earth Day, it has really started turning my wheels about how I can do my part to go green, even in the simplest ways, like Carpooling and shopping Farmer’s Markets. I searched the web and brainstormed some ways that I can help out the planet that are basic and easy enough to do. join the cause with me! Let’s help the planet, even in the smallest ways, to give back to what it has given us.

Don’t Underestimate Your toaster Oven:

This fantastic creation was easy for me to get in the hang of. instead of using your stove and all the extra gas and time to heat up your meal, try popping it in the toaster oven. The quality is the same and it usually takes less time (especially the preheating part). It’s terrific to reheat leftovers, those fries will taste fresh once again!

Get a reusable Water Bottle:

Although we all know this already, the amount of water bottles used throughout the world, let alone the US, is monstrous. A terrific majority of these plastic bottles don’t get recycled and head straight to the trash. Instead, try purchasing a reusable water bottle to take with your anywhere you go. Some water bottles even come with an attachable defuser to allow you to put fresh lemon, cucumber or even strawberries to give natural flavor to your water.


Unplug and switch Off the Lights:

When you aren’t using those extra appliances like the microwave, coffee maker, TV, or computers, unplug them from their power source. You’d be saving yourself a few extra bucks, while conserving energy. To make this simpler, attach these items to a power strip and when they aren’t in use, unplug the entire power strip. Also, when you are not in a room or a certain part of your home, switch off those lights. You’ll be saving some change on your next electrical energy bill and optimizing the lifetime of your lightbulbs.

Clean Out Your Car:

What? clean my car? but I have my second wardrobe in there! just kidding. but cleaning out your automobile and taking out all that useless junk that could be stored somewhere else will contribute to a lighter automobile which in turn, uses less gas. who doesn’t like having a clean automobile anyway? (I’d recommend keeping the spare tire though)


Bring your own bags when running errands. Some big cities, such as Chicago, have already implemented a policy that promotes customers bringing their own bags to help eliminate the plastic waste. some of these stores make you purchase a reusable bag for your items.

Buy American-made goods:

This is one of the easiest ways consumers can go green by buying local. The economic advantages of getting products made in the USA are quite obvious, yet the environmental impact is equally substantial. To honor earth Day, here are five reasons getting American-made helps the environment.

Items are shipped a shorter distance. This uses less energy in the form of fossil fuels and decreases the amount of emissions generated.

Products made in the USA are made under enforceable guidelines that secure our water, air and land.

American-made products are subject to stricter testing regulations. Toxins like lead and chromium, frequently found in household goods, not only threaten our health, they contaminate our environment.

Spending money on a lot more quality, long lasting products saves waste compared to getting disposable products that need to be replaced frequently, thus saving you money in the long run.

Buying sustainably produced American-made products helps support a growing employment sector: green technology.

There are lots of other methods to go green in your home and outside. These ideas I provided were the easiest for me to adjust to in my life and for my family as well.  Good house keeping has a very interesting list themselves that I recommend you check out. another interesting list from Greatist saves you and the planet some green. earth Day is coming up on Friday, April 22nd. Let’s come together and put our efforts to help out the planet and give back to what it gives us.

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