CAN YOU area A fake GUCCI DIONYSUS BAG? A genuine VS. fake guide

2017 is over (for much better or worse), as well as the Lyst index indicates that Gucci was on fire as the second most popular brand of 2017, best behind Balenciaga. one of Gucci’s many prominent purses of the year was the Dionysus ultimate GG bag which I really ended up snagging one (as a replica), in the exact same color combo Chiara Ferragni has (pictured below from her Instagram account):

In this evaluation I will compare an authentic Gucci Dionysus bag to a replica Gucci bag. As you go with the guide, try to assumption which is real, as well as which is fake. By the end of the short article you’ll understand whether you were best or wrong.

So in situation you haven’t seen the Dionysus before, this is the bag imagined on the Gucci site, where it retails for $2,290 USD:

I got my bag as a replica around $420-ish dollars which is about 18% of the authentic retail price.

A quick Note:

Now one element I’d like to mention before beginning the comparison, is that the bag imagined on the left is a brand new bag so it looks much more polished than the bag on the left, which is used, as well as was taken with different photography equipment. So please do not take that into consideration when choosing which bag is genuine as well as which is fake. likewise because of video camera illumination variations, the colors may seem a bit different, however they are really the same. The sizing on the two bags are different also so please keep that in mind when scrolling down. One last essential thing to note is that the replica version of the bag is a counter high quality replica bag, implying it is not a knockoff that you can area easily. The differences, if any, will be subtle.

THE inside of THE BAGS:

Both bags have a red suede interior. Gucci Dionysus ultimate GG bags have an interior suede color that matches the exterior of the bag. If you see a Gucci Dionysus bag that doesn’t have the exact same interior color suede as the exterior outlining then that is a red flag that the bag you are taking a look at is fake. The interior of the bag ought to likewise have suede lining that consults with GG ultimate canvas interior the pockets. The canvas is typically visible at the bottom as well as the left as well as best hand side of the interior of the bag, while the front as well as back, in addition to the middle pocket is suede. Both of the bags imagined above satisfy these requirements.


Looking from the top down, you cannot area a difference between the two bags. Both bags have  9 GG’s when you count from top to bottom. The moving chains likewise do not screen any type of difference visually. Although the chain hook may seem bigger on the bag on the best it is just because of the angle the picture was taken at.


Both bags have sides that are lined with suede. The bag looks accordian-like from the side, as well as the genuine charm of the bag truly shows from the side.

For comparison sake, this is an authentic Gucci Dionysus. The width of the edges ought to be this thick in the authentic version of the bag.


The hand painted edges of the bag are coated in a black lining in both the genuine as well as fake version of the bag, producing a gorgeous contrast between the suede, as well as the edges of the bag. Please keep in mind that the size difference between the two bags accounts from why the one on the best looks a bit taller.


From the back there is not truly much to say, as both bags look essentially identical. Some versions of the Dionysus come with a suede pocket on the back of the bag, nevertheless this version of the bag does not have such a pocket, as well as simply has the coated canvas material on screen in the back of the bag.


After scrolling down, I’m sure you’ve realized it’s not truly simple to area the difference between the two bags because the counter high quality fake is quite good. before I expose the authentic bag, I want to spice things up by showing you a 3rd photo of a Gucci Dionysus that is in truth 100% authentic:

This is a 100% authentic Gucci Dionysus.

So which bag from the comparison is real? If you guessed that the bag on the best is real, you guessed wrong. It is the fake. nevertheless if you guessed the bag on the left is authentic you are certainly right. Either way, whether you got it wrong or best I don’t blame you because the difference is negligible at most. even the serial number inside the bag matches the authentic Gucci serial number shown on their site. You can view much more comprehensive photos of the serial number in addition to the bag in general by clicking here.

Overall the Gucci Dionysus was one of my preferred bag purchases I made in 2017, as well as I extremely suggest getting one if you are believing about it as it is a very fun bag that is simple to gown either up or down!How helpful Was This Post?ExcellentGoodAveragePoorAwful

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