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In this blog publish I will be reviewing the Louis Vuitton Montaigne MM replica bag that I purchased, highlighting the bag’s pros, cons, as well as general high quality in comparison to the authentic. I fell in like with the Montaigne MM bag when it very first came out a few years back as well as it has been on my wishlist since 2015. nevertheless it kept getting pushed back because of other styles that would appear as well as I would wish to acquire more quickly. One thing I can state about the Montaigne MM is that I believe that it’s shape as well as structure make it one of those Louis Vuitton bags (much like the speedy as well as Neverfull), that will stand the test of time. The bag is extremely practical as well as I like the MM size. It can comfortably in shape in your wallet, sunglasses, phone, as well as cosmetics. one more function of the bag I like is the detachable shoulder strap which is one of my preferred features that I always seek out in almost every bag I buy as performance is extremely important to me.

Bag Grade: 9.9 out of 10
On a 10 point scale I would rate this bag a 9.9 – I never provide any type of bag a 10/10 since there will always be a 0.01% difference between a replica as well as authentic bag. nevertheless in my viewpoint this Louis Vuitton Montaigne MM replica bag is as close as it gets to authentic, as well as it ticks off all of the high quality manage requirements I apply when buying a Louis Vuitton replica bag. These include:

Canvas Quality:
The canvas of a Louis Vuitton bag is the actual material utilized to make the bag. It is where the LV logo is sprinkled as well as is the key material utilized to make monogram as well as Damier material bags. As I have explained before the canvas material is not leather, however instead a heavily coated canvas (which makes the canvas part of the bag technically vegan – if that matters to you). The canvas material on an authentic Louis Vuitton bag is firm, not floppy, as well as this replica version of the Montaigne MM bag is made of canvas that completely fulfills this requirement. The canvas feels firm as well as you can tell the textural high quality of it is rather high just by observing it with pictures (although I must state it looks much much better in person).

Leather Trimmings Quality:
The leather trimmings on a Louis Vuitton bag refer to the cowhide trimmings utilized for the handles as well as other little outlining on the bags. This is the part of the bag that should be 100% authentic cowhide. many replica bags utilize fake leather trimmings meaning that the bag will not patina (i.e. darken) over the years. nevertheless this bag is a true mirror or counter high quality replica so the cowhide is real. You can tell if the cowhide is genuine by just touching it – genuine leather has a soft feel that plastic can never imitate.

Hardware Quality:
Louis Vuitton utilizes metallic colored plated metal hardware on their authentic bags. This bag’s hardware is made of the exact same material. The only gripe I do have about Louis Vuitton replicas in general is that the replica hardware is about 5-10% lighter than their authentic counterparts. nevertheless this is not something that is visible to the eye, so it is not a factor that I evaluate extremely heavily. There are many replicas of other brands (e.g. Chanel) that get the hardware weight right, however Louis Vuitton replicas are always lacking just a bit in this sense, in my opinion. nevertheless this is something that nobody can truly pick up on unless they have dealt with numerous bags, as well as is not a visible flaw therefore I pay bit to no interest to it.

The stitching of a bag is one of those areas where you can clearly differentiate between a poor replica as well as a great one. Sloppy stitching means that the bag was not made with the care as well as diligence that their authentic counterparts receive. I always look for clean as well as even stitching on any type of replica bag. This specific Louis Vuitton Montaigne MM bag has extremely clean as well as even stitching, so it passes this test with flying colors.

The final piece of requirements I utilize to judge Louis Vuitton replica bags is the general craftsmanship of the bag. I look at the shape of the bag in comparison to the authentic, as well as the general vibe/feel the bag provides me. In the situation of the Louis Vuitton Montaigne MM bag, I am extremely impressed with the craftsmanship. The shape of the bag completely matches that of the authentic, as well as the general look as well as feel of the bag relays that luxe look that Louis Vuitton is liked for.

Another method to determine that you have bought a great high quality replica bag is the method the bag is packaged. When I got this bag every part of the hardware was wrapped, as well as the handles were secured with plastic coverings. Air bags were put inside the bag to assist preserve its shape. These are minor details, however they definitely show the high quality of the bag.

The bottom Line: I like this bag!
This replica bag is gorgeous as well as is a reminder of exactly how replica manufacturers can create truly exquisite pieces that are almost a perfect dupe. thinking about the original cost of the bag was $2,460 USD on Louis Vuitton’s website, I am extremely happy I saved about 4/5’s of that cost by selecting to buy a replica instead.

I have shot a video (which is a bit shaky – sorry I am discovering exactly how to take much better videos for future reviews) of the bag that you can see below:

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