What to Wear: Jumpsuits

The jumpsuit {est. 1919} ideal for fall 2020…

Okay so I may be a little obsessed with both jumpsuits and Anthropologie {Both of these jumpsuits I fell in love with are from there}. Although, to me, it’s funny that I say that, because over the years, I’ve always wanted to love them but usually ended up returning them, until recently.

I think I always thought they weren’t very flattering on unless you had a certain body type. but I’m here to tell you that when you find the best one, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised, I swear! So go ahead start testing them out.

They are seriously a terrific transition piece for layering in the fall.  You can add boots or wear booties depending on the weather for the day, and where you live. This shawl is one my favorites for layering with jumpsuits, it’s so comfy. and of course, you can’t forget a terrific handbag. I paired our signature Lauren in totally free Love. Lately I’ve been wearing mine with everything! Plum is such a terrific color in leather that typically gets over looked!

I imply look, it looks really good with all three outfits, and you don’t have to switch out from morning to evening or weekday to weekend. You can make it casual for the day and fold it over for a dressier look for the evening and you always have the backpack option.

Besides feeling good, you still want to have some sense of normalcy while working from home, right?!

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