What shoes when it is freezing?

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Grandmas say: you always get chilly with the ends (at least in french they state that).

And that’s true that nothing is worst than having freezing feets.

The issue is that chewbacca looking feet are not the most stylish thing.

” Rhgggghhghgh” Translation: R ya makin fun bout ma feet?

So exactly how to keep your feet both stylish as well as warm?

I- What kind of shoes?

1. Lined shoes

– The chunky breed

First, believe chewbacca (wait…didn’t you just state it was not stylish?), not in terms of style however in terms of warmth by wearing some fur or faux fur lined shoes.

They’ll warm up your feet like nothing else.

With such coating, they won’t be the thinnest as well as most delicate shoes however will rather be on the chubby side.

I encourage you to wear them with thin pants or tights to balance their shape.

Paris Grenoble Clémentine, has warm feet however can catch a chilly elsewhere, however hey, the contrast between slim pants as well as snowboots is cool. By the method those shoes are the Anouk by brand Anniel, I personally believe they are a great alternate to Uggs cause their shape is a lot more structured as well as since they are lower on the calf as well as as a result lengthen the leg.

The shearling lined Minnetonkas are likewise a great option. right here worn by Fadela Mecheri.

The Nowles by Isabel Marant: with inside wedge

The Shelby by la botte Gardiane. Fabriquée en France s’il vous plaît.

Also works with a genuine wintertime coat… thanks eat sleep wear for the quite wintertime outfit.

– The improved breed

Just some shoes you already understand with some added lining.

Therefore not as chunky… as well as commonly not as warm as well as as comfy.

But still extremely warm.

And easier to wear.

Pistol boots  Acne Studios

Shearling lined Reebook sneakers

Getting the concept?

Just get routine shoes… with lining.

2. Boots

They are great cause they’ll warm up a lot more than your feet as well as nothing is much better than leather to secure the body from the cold.

The higher the boot, the warmer you are.

And indeed over the knee boots can be chic. I’ll compose a whole post about them someday.

– The best shapes to wear with dresses are knee high boots, as well as over the knee boots.

Camille over the rainbow


– The best shapes to wear with skinny pants are low boots

Karina in Fashionland

Not fan about the high boots over the skinny pants thing most of the times. except when the color of the boots is the exact same as the one of the pants.

But I like low boots with skirts too! They are just colder


3. Shoes with thick soles

The further away your feet are from the chilly ground, the warmer they stay.

Therefore shoes with thick soles or/and high heels are great catch for winter.

– The doc martens (or look alikes)

Tiitu on Hel looks

– The Timberlands


– Shoes with thick heels as well as some wedge

Maddinka (discovered her blog today as well as truly like her boho yet basic outfits).

– The creepers

– sky high shoes

Hanneli Mustaparta on Collage vintage. With such boots the ground is far far method from your feet.

II- a lot more tips

1. add socks

Chunky ones that will add some lining into your shoes.

The warmest fabrics are wool, cashmere as well as silk.

Bonus: they can likewise produce a style impact if you let them show on top of your shoes.

2. select natural fabrics

If you wanna be warm, you cannot go cheap.

Better have only one warm pair of shoes that dozens of cold.

So genuine leather is the best.

Or technical fabrics when it comes to snowboots.

3. Waterproof them with spray

Suede shoes like Minnetonkas or Uggs (aaaargh) will get wet with snow or rain, so don’t fail to remember to waterproof them with a spray.


Are your feet prepared for chilly now?

Cover collage: Sophie la modeuse, Et pourquoi pas Coline?

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