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The wait is finally over! The terrific Gatsby finally hit the theaters and the question is, what will you wear? The film will undeniably provide a heavy dose of flapper frenzy since Jazz-Era 1920s fashion is about as glam and sophisticated as it gets.

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Seeing it on the silver screen will only make us crave it all the more.

Seen above, Chicago fashionistas Amanda DePalma, Gabi Milkovic and Jean Ogilvie channel their inner Flapper Girls for the Chi-town premiere. And so, when you leave the theater wondering how the heck you’re going to look as chic as Carey Mulligan, turn to these Gatsby inspired fashion frocks for starters.

Note: All items are best worn with a cocktail in hand. need a recipe? No problem. Amazingly, TopShop is selling for a limited time, a Gatsby Cocktail recipe book.

Get Your Gatsby Inspired fashion On With These Glam Choices

The Fete Noticed dress – Plenty by Tracey Reese is currently on sale so nab one now! The silver and crocheted detailing and above all, the cut, are oh-so Fitzgerald approved. A dress Zelda herself may have adorned.

A flashy choche/flapper hat is a must. Depending on how glam you want to go, there are sequined versions with feathers or more everyday options like the Julietta by Goorin Brothers.

To complete your look, you simply can’t leave the house with out a tassel necklace darhhling. try this long black tassel necklace available on Etsy for $88.00.

As for your feet, those flappers were more than just glamorous, they were smart two; two inch heels was the conventional making dancing all the more possible until sunrise. These Poetic license Turnstile Maven Heels can be glamorous with a dress or downplayed with slacks.

Finally, if you like The terrific Gatsby so much, then put a ring on it! Pay homage to the Jazz Era’s Flapper girl with this adorable girl Art 1920s Art Deco Filigree Ring. look at it enough and you’ll probably go all in…meaning you’ll change your hair to the bob and draw in a a fake mole.

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