I possess a few sets of mommy high-waisted Looker denims and am thrilled to include in my collection this fall. Mom denim Loss ’13 (WANDER) landed in our inbox, and consists of a few new essential variations of the High Waisted Knockout. Dramatic, as well as Luxurious describe these new, strong prints (extra-large jewels, nudie-inspired studs, cheetah). Faves include The Knockout Zip in Bump in the Evening, The Slasher, and the High-Waisted Beauty Crop in a house-trained Cheetah print (yeeeessss). Printed shorts make their method right into the turning with the Pat Picket Shorts in their spot-on print, The Bullseye. MOTHER presents a set of denim cut offs, in Flowers from the Storm. And a Denim Vest, which sets well with the entire collection. Let’s WANDER.

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